Fiercely inspired encounters. 


Our unparalleled collaborative knowledge from concepting design through project management and operational logistics makes OAE events one of a kind. Venue selection. Vendor management. Talent Acquisition. No detail is left behind as our services are tailored to suite your needs. 



Loyalty is created by memorable stays. Successful resorts, venues and restaurants require collaboration from many components. We guide clients to connect with their customer base and grow brands that resonate globally. Incentive Travel. F+B consultation. Event Programs.



OAE prides itself on creating distinct environments, and that all begins with   the right design. We gauge consumer demand, interpret trends and translate the data into new vibrant venues. Co-created solutions. Strategic function. Curated elements. 

Arona Martin

Arona’s creative intuition has made her a highly sought after maverick in the branding and entertainment space for over 10 years.  She has often been told that her energy level, drive and commitment to what she loves is infectious. Whether is it her enthusiasm, or her drive to exceed creative expectations, , and without intention, she naturally elevates brands. 

Jeff Ware

Jeff has spent the last decade working on the logistics and catering side of events, focusing on large scale corporate events and sponsorship activations and branding.  Over time, his expertise led him to show production, and his diligent attention to detail paired with his natural ability to problem solve on the ground makes Jeff an event a true leader in the event industry.

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Kelly Wagner

Kelly has spent the last 8 years working with creative thought leaders creating award concepts. With her ability to thrive under pressure, to both create and produce elevated experiences, Kelly has been able to exhibit the power of dedication throughout her career.  

Producers + PAs

Meredith Treinen



Angie Wing

Mike Harrigan

Reanne Lappinga


OAE combines the expertise and insights of consultants from the hospitality industry with deep experience in the creation of exclusive experiences, events, restaurants and destinations.


This unique collaboration of category talent allows us to partner with clients to co-create successful businesses in one holistic process.



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